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E-mini Live Trading Room

Our veteran of tape reading will show a big advantage over chartists in market real time

Trading4Traders.com provides a trading room for Futures day Traders. We trade E-mini futures contracts, S&P-500, Nasdaq-100, Oil, Gold, and more. We use our Scalping Trading system based on tape reading. 80% of our trading decision comes from the Tape (Time & Sale), and 20 % technical analysis (Candlestick chart and indicators.) Our moderator, a veteran trader, will provide you with very important information during each trading session; Where to enter & exit the market (price) And where to take profit (price) And when to not to trade

If Scalping Trading is not your Method of Trading, don’t worry we will give you valuable information to help build your own trading system, and how to enter the market at very low risk. Please take your time and have patience during each trading session, we will provide comments and explanations during the Live Market Sessions. Our goal is to make a consistent profit with a very low risk. Day Scalp Trading is one of the most challenging styles of trading to master, and requires unbelievable discipline and focus. Our Live Trading Room is in English; however we do support Spanish and Russian languages. Questions can be asked to the moderator only. No chatting between members is permitted.

If You would like a 1 day free trial, Please contact us at Info@trading4traders.com

Our Trading Hours:

Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays)

9:00am - 1:00pm EST (extended hours, depending of the market condition)

We avoid trading the first 15-30 minutes of the Opening Bell .This time is normally used for market analysis and what to expect based on the previous day close. Be advised that this can always change based on the market condition.

For new traders we strongly recommend that you take your time, and use paper trading to build your confidence.

If you want a 1 day free trial, Please contact us Info@Trading4Traders.com

Please read Discailmer before you enter our trading room