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"I’ve known Nik for 5 years; he has always been honest in helping me with my trading. He is a very talented trader, and I’m very happy he’s finally opened this web site. Bless you."

Laura, San Diego CA


"I’ve been trading for almost 3 years, and almost ready to call it quits. I found you, took the free trial and I couldn’t believe all the good calls you gave, almost 10pts in one day. Wow, so far so good."

George, Las Vegas NV


"He’s the one I’ve been looking for all these years. Good job guys."

Bill, NY


"The first few days it was difficult to catch you, your signals were very fast, but I like it. I finally see a professional trading style I can identify with. I hope you will continue this way."

Thank you.


"I like it, very accurate support resistance line for all futures market."


"The customer service at Trading4Traders is top notch. I love the Library too. So much valuable information, I can’t stop reading. Thank you very much."

Linda, San Francisco, CA


"I know thatTrading4Traders doesn’t make money from their membership fees, but actually make money from their trades, where it really counts."

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Full Members will have access to a large selection of books, videos and seminars — Valuable knowledge from many successful traders...


Второй Live Trading Room - для русскоязычных трейдеров


 Мы открыли второй Live Trading Room– зал для торговли самыми популярными E-mini futures: @ES, @YM, @NQ, TF и @CL в реальном времени, в котором русскоязычные трейдеры могут пройти подготовку и профессионально читать ленту тикера.

Мы научим Вас торговать, как торгуют профессионалы!


Зарегистрируйтесь в Торговом зале – пробное обучение (3 дня) бесплатно.   Подробнее...

Если возникают дополнительные вопросы, свяжитесь с нами


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Trading E-mini


S&P Futures (ES) • Dow Futures (YM) • NASDAQ futures (NQ) • Russell 2000 (TF)


Don’t trade alone


Over the past decade, our experienced traders have developed strategies that have enabled them to make a successful living by trading a variety of futures. No matter if the market goes up or down,they know how to make money. Every day. And our experienced traders can help you get started on the path to independent success when you join our Trading Chat Room.




Our traders and moderators are online to help Trading4Traders members make the most of the market every day. Members benefit from our traders’ experience and market know-how. You can get valuable tips on issues such as:


• How to be on the right side of the market. During trading hours, our traders will provide guidance on how to anticipate and respond to hour-by-hour changes in the markets.


• When to move. Our traders can help you follow indicators to determine when its right to enter, exit, or hold positions-and when to take your profits.


• How to build your own strategies for profit. Our traders will help members develop and fine-tune strategies for trade momentum and scalping, while minimizing risk.


At Trading4Traders, our goal is to flexibly anticipate market changes and to move in ways that make money, no matter if the market goes up or down. That’s because we’re not trying to “catch the big move.” Rather, consistency is our priority.


Join our trading chat room and find out how consistency and patience pay off. In our trading chat room, you can exchange ideas and strategies with fellow traders. You’ll get the information you need to build confidence and skills to become a profitable independent trader.




We are offering a free one-week trial for new members to check out our trading chat room and find out how we can help you succeed in today’s volatile market.



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